COVID-19 Response

We take your child's health seriously.

COVID-19 Response

We take your child's health seriously.

AsheBridge Children’s Academy has made program and policy changes in response to COVID 19.

Health and safety changes to our program:

To reduce exposure to children and control the number of people coming in the center, we will greet families at the door each morning and an AsheBridge staff member will walk the children to the classroom. This is reversed at the end of the day, where the child is walked up to the waiting family.

Our school lobby is now limited to one waiting family at a time. Six-foot spaces are marked outside of our buildings to maintain social distancing while waiting to enter the school.

Upon entry, staff and child have their temperature taken with a no-contact thermometer and questionnaire is completed to screen for symptoms or exposure. We check temperatures again at mid-day or anytime a child feels warm. We will ask anyone registering at 100° or higher to remain at home for 72 hours.

We request all adults to wear masks within the building, especially during times that social distancing cannot be accommodated. We provide cloth masks to our staff at no cost, as well as to families facing hardship.

We now keep attendance logs of staff and students in each classroom each day. This allows us to track illness trends and exposures.

The HVAC system has been fitted with “MERV13” air filters which trap the smallest air particles including viruses. Our climate control systems only circulate the air in small areas to further isolate air flow.

All “high” touch surfaces including changing tables, bathrooms, tables, chairs, counters, doorknobs, light switches, etc. are sanitized at least 4 times a day.

We sanitize classroom toys and learning materials at least 4 times a day and between uses by different children to the best of our ability. As always, we remove “mouthed” toys to be cleaned and sanitized before returning to play.

We have removed learning materials and toys from classrooms that cannot be easily sanitized throughout the day, such as stuffed animals and sand/water tables.

We encourage children to use social distancing where possible – this is very difficult with young children, so we do our best! Teachers will also distance themselves from one another.

On a daily basis, we monitor information from the DCD and DHHS regarding policy and procedure recommendations.

We will notify families and staff if the program becomes aware of any possible cases or exposures to COVID-19 within the center.

We have provided our staff with:

Training on new policies and procedures.

Fabric face masks at no cost.

Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and treats to minimize their need to leave the school during the day.

No-cost counseling services
for staff and their families to help
with stress and anxiety.

Telework opportunities

Flexible schedules and absences

We have provided our families with:

Substantial discounts to families facing financial hardship.

Distance learning options for children staying at home.

Discounted holding fees for families planning to return later.

Waived terms for families that were laid off during the crisis.

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