Kids’ Room Decorating Tips

Every child would love to have their own space, but how do you decorate a room specifically for that child without spending a fortune? First of all try using your child’s favorite color, it’s the cheapest way to make the most impact. If your rooms are painted in neutral colors already, try using their favorite color on just one wall, it only takes a quart of paint! Use generic bedding rather than one covered in the latest cartoon character; it’s more versatile and they won’t outgrow it. Use the accent color or a favorite contrasting color throughout the room on smaller objects like pillows, throw rugs, waste basket, a pencil can, storage boxes or even a brightly painted (garage sale) chair for their desk.

For wall decor, paint the wood letters of your child’s name. (Available at craft stores for under $5 apiece.) You can fasten them to a wood plaque or hang them on the wall separately. A large bulletin board is inexpensive and allows the child to change his artwork whenever the mood strikes. Customize the bulletin board frame with large rick rack trim, ribbon, lace, the paper edging teachers use, or colorful printed masking tape. A couple of wall shelves provide another opportunity to add color, while the child can choose whatever they want to display on them. For added fun enlarge a simple coloring book picture and paint a simple canvas. A lot of impact for very little money! …..And your child will love it!

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