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Measuring Stick

Many of us have that place in our homes, on a door jamb, in a corner, or inside a closet door, where the dates and heights of the children who lived in that house are carefully recorded in pencil. Whether it’s to compare the heights of siblings, or record the passage of time, nothing melts the heart quite like this archeological find. But you’re moving! Now what?

You can avoid this situation by making your own “moveable measuring stick,” here’s how: Many hardware, home improvement and paint stores give away free wooden yard sticks, acquire 1 or 2 or buy one. Tape off the number portion along the entire length of the yard stick (there is often the name of the store or brand of paint printed along the other edge.) Pick your favorite medium to light color and paint over the words down the entire length of the yard stick. It may take 2 coats. (You could do the same thing with a 1X2, if you want a little more room to write, but you’ll have to add your own numbers.) Let it dry for a day and fasten it to your favorite spot with (Command) removable foam tape or sticky tack. You may have to cut off 3 inches from the starting end to accommodate a base board or door that doesn’t quite touch the floor.

Now you have your very own moveable measuring stick! Record names and dates on the painted area, and be aware you may have to add an extension as the kids get older.

Next time you move you can take the stick with you instead of leaving all those wonderful memories behind!

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