Parent Reviews

Billy Kronenwetter

Fantastic daycare that my wife and I are so lucky to have chosen for our 1 year old. We know that she is learning so much more than what we could of done ourselves and she is growing socially with other children her age. The daycare staff is friendly, honest and very professional. Each class is not overcrowded and the teachers are able to give equal amount of attention every child. Much better than the horror stories from other daycare in the area.

Tracy Davis

My son is thriving at Ashebridge in Fuquay. I absolutely love the staff and the curriculum. At 3 years old he can tell you about gardening, the life cycle of a butterfly, and which planet has rings around it. His teachers have been a great support during potty training, and they even get my son to eat vegetables!

Alesha Respess

We have enjoyed having my son at Ashebridge! The staff are all very welcoming. The facility is kept very clean and organized! I recommend this preschool to anyone looking!

Keri Brooks

Like every mom, dipping my little 12 week old peanut off to a set of strangers was HARD! Really hard. BUT, after some time adjusting to the new normal, I began to feel like Ashebridge was a part of my family. I knew that my son was well loved and well taken care of in the Infant Room and I could genuinely tell that Miss Beth and Miss Tatiana loved my son and took care of him like he was their own. My son grew so much during his first year. He is now in the 1 Year Room and in just a few short weeks, he has grown tremendously. He knows how to sit in a chair, respond to commands, share as best as possible and is beginning to use a spoon and fork. Miss Maria and Miss Stacy take such good care of these wild and rambunctious 1 year olds. I love getting pictures of my son playing and learning throughout the day. Mrs. Ashley and Mrs. Jamie at the front desk are so sweet and take time throughout the day to speak to the kids, it’s so heartwarming to know that so many people love on my son throughout the day when I’m not able to. I contribute my son’s growth and personality to Ashebridge!

Sara Hamilton

My soon to be three-year old daughter has been attending Ashebridge Children's Academy for a year and we both really like it. The staff is very courteous and treat my daughter which such care and kindness. The facility is very clean as is the playground. Ever since my daughter has been going there her social skills and her speech have greatly improved. I would highly recommend Ashebridge Children's Academy to anybody!

Vasha Nelson

I remember last year when I first moved to the Holly Springs/ Fuquay area. I searched preschool after preschool and no one could accommodate me. I would go to one and then another. I called Ashbrigde Children’s Academy of Fuquay and they helped me right away. They had space for my precious 4 year old. Not only did they have the capacity to accommodate us I loved the curriculum implemented also. The staff is so nice and professional. I highly recommend Ashbridge Children’s Academy of Fuquay to anyone who’s looking for quality care for their child and solid preparation for grade school.

Jennifer Conley

I am a mother of 5 children ages 7, 5 (triplet girls), and 2. Over the years my husband and I have had Au pairs, Nannies, and friends to help with the care of our children. We have always struggled with finding care that we are happy with and we feel will support the learning of our children. After our last at home care was unable to handle the temper tantrums of a 3 year old, we turned to AsheBridge Children's Academy. The ear piercing temper tantrums of one of my toddlers that seemed to last forever were simply handled at Ashebridge in a matter of a couple days. I must say I was speechless. Now after going there for several months, this same triplet runs to get her backpack and races to the car to go to school each morning. The other children love it as well. My oldest loves going in the morning so he can interact with the school age kids in the morning before being driven to his elementary school. The triplets love their teachers and all the fun activities they get to do. Also, Erin and I can't say enough about all the hard work the staff has done with helping to get our youngest adjusted when she is just missing her mommy and daddy. Christine and Jeff has been our saviors. When we have gone back and forth trying to find that perfect care provider to fit for our family and a proper learning experience for our children's needs, we feel we have finally found it in Ashebridge. Thank you both for the love and commitment you and your staff give the children and families each day. ***Update, now that our kids have been there for almost 2 years, our triplets will be ready to leave for kindergarten shortly so very prepared. Matter of fact at our orientation last month I had whispered to my husband I thought our daughters might be a little bored because Ashebridge has prepared them so well. My youngest who started on her first birthday and cried for 2 months straight, LOVES, and I mean LOVES going to school every day. Ashebridge has become part of our family.

Maribeth Priest

I honestly could not be happier! My 4 year old is very well loved and she is learning so much. My daughter's teachers are fantastic and have laid the foundation for my daughter's education. Early Childhood education is so very important. Being an educator I have very high expectations! AsheBridge has met all my high expectations. The owners are also very much part of my daughter's day. They foster a strong and positive learning environment!

Emily Fullmer

We absolutely LOVE Ashebridge! Our son loves going to school and the staff are all wonderful. He is always super excited to tell me about his day, and I know that he is always in the best hands when we drop him off in the morning. Thank you for everything you all do for our little guy each day. We can't wait to watch him grow over the next few years.

Tiffany Kinney

Our son has been attending AsheBridge in Fuquay full-time since he was 3 months old. We interviewed several places before we chose Ashebridge in FV and by far, it was the cleanest, most organized, and welcoming place we visited. We could not imagine him attending school anywhere else! He is now 21 months old and always happy when we drop him off and happy when we pick him up. Not only do we feel good about leaving our son with the teachers and staff, we witness how nurturing everyone is on a daily basis. The director Jaime treats our son like he is her own! I love that Ashebridge utilizes an app to keep us informed of our son's day. I certainly appreciate all the photos I receive of him participating in activities and learning with his friends. If you are looking for great care in a warm, nurturing environment, I highly recommend Ashebridge Fuquay!

Dianna Dutcher

We love AsheBridge! Our daughter is so well taken care of and she loves going to AsheBridge! I would highly recommend to anyone. I fully trust and love the staff at AsheBridge.

Daniel Brooks

AsheBridge is awesome! All of the teachers and staff there are great! I am confident my son is well taken care of and safe!

Ashley S

Great daycare! Everyone is so sweet here, I do not worry about my child when she is dropped off. Great hands on facility, love that they do activities with the children.

Beth Rivas

Both of my boys have attended or so attend AsheBridge Children’s Academy in Fuquay-Varina. My oldest son, who’s now in first great was loved on and prepared so well for Kindergarten...the transition was a dream. My almost 2 year old has been there for about 1 year now...and we wouldn’t think of sending him anywhere else. The school is clean, well maintained, and fun! Jamie who directs the FV location is THE BEST! The teachers are great and really love the kids. It’s not just a’s like an extension of our family!

Kathleen Joe Entwistle

We absolutely love ashebridge! We started our oldest there when she was 1 and she just graduated from their preK class this month! Our youngest is currently there as well! We love all of the teachers, the facility is well maintained and clean and we have no doubt in our minds that our girls are well taken care of when they are there! Highly recommended!

Kelly Hofmeyer

AsheBridge is amazing. The teachers and staff are incredible. My kids are safe there and love to go to school every day. There is a great balance of fun and learning and they keep the parents involved. Highly recommend!

Joe Entwistle

Ashbridge is more than just a daycare. It's an institution where my child is actively learning every single day. It is obvious that Jeff and Christine run a tight ship and have the highest of expectations. There is no facility I have visited that is cleaner or more organized. I feel 100% secure that my child is safe with the teachers employed there. I look forward to my second child joining AsheBridge by the end of the year.

Ryan Wright

We have been very pleased since our daughter began going to ashebridge. The teachers & staff are always friendly.

Erin Conley

My wife and I recently attended the Fuquay Varina ES kindergarten orientation and during the presentation we were given a sample of the material our triplets will be learning this coming year. After reading over the sample, my wife turns to me and whispers "The girls are going to be bored next year. They already know all of this stuff". I agreed.

That alone is a testament of how well the triplets are being educated at Ashebridge in their pre-k class.

Laura Creel

I highly recommend AsheBridge! My daughter just started there a few weeks ago and is already learning so much and she loves her teachers! I do not worry about her at all while at I am work because I know she is in a safe and loving environment.

Crystal Jackson

We love Ashbridge! Our 2 boys have attended almost since they opened. The boys learn so much and enjoy each day with many activities! The owners are great and have always been very flexible to my schedule! The teachers are wonderful as well 🙂

Shay F

I absolutely LOVE this place! Unlike many Childcares, AsheBridge actually does educational activities. The owners are very welcoming and easy to approach. My daughter was at another daycare in the area and I see such a huge difference between the two places. AsheBridge is very hands on and focused on working with the children to make sure they are having fun and learning at the same time. The place is always clean too, you can tell they take pride in their place. I feel very comfortable leaving my baby there. If you want a great place for your kid(s), I wouldn't even bother looking anywhere else. This is where you and your kid will be happy at.

Cynthia Mangus

For anyone looking for a great place for their child to grow and thrive, AsheBridge Children's Academy is the place to be. My daughter has been at the Fuquay location for over a year, and she has been so loved and taken care of. Once again AsheBridge has risen to go above and beyond to help my daughter. Our new director Rachael has been phenomenal. My daughter recently was having some acid reflux trouble. Once I started talking to Ms. Rachael about our situation, without missing a beat, she went to work on helping us to solve our problem. The owners were very understanding to our situation, and Ms. Rachael was able to help us and work with us so that my child wouldn't have to have this problem come about anymore. All the teachers are incredible, and my child has been loved and cared for every day that she has been there since she has started. I also have to commend the center on paying such close attention to each child, and how they grow and develop. When my child started, she began in the 2 year old room. Within 4 months, the teachers helped her get potty trained, and then told me that she needed more, and that she was getting moved up to the next room. I was floored, they hadn't had her very long at that point, and still they payed attention and understood what my daughter needed. Her teachers in the next room were just as caring. My daughter especially bonded with Ms. Kris, and loves her still to this day. My child learned and thrived in that room, and then it was time to move up again. She gets introduced to and gets to know all the teachers and staff there, and she feels so comfortable with everyone. Mrs. Beth and Mrs. Melanie are her teachers now, and I am again impressed with what they are able to do. Adding COVID into the mix added extra stress to everyone's lives, but the teachers, staff, and director at AsheBridge in Fuquay has kept everything going, has kept everyone safe, and has taken extra care with our children. My daughter returned after a few months of being out, and started with Mrs. Beth and then Mrs. Melanie. I was immediately impressed with the quality of learning, activities, and engagement that my child was doing in this classroom. They infuse so much Science and Social Studies into their thematic units. My child is learning all about the world around her, all while learning literacy and math skills, learning how to be a friend and how to help others, being able to explore inside and outside, and being given responsibilities and jobs to do. The quality of her work is amazing. My daughter is doing art with so many different mediums, she is coming home each day telling me all about the science and social studies units they are learning, telling me how she was able to run, laugh, play, explore, and be herself. I am so incredibly thankful for the teachers and staff at AsheBridge in Fuquay. They are helping to shape my child into a great learner, all the while taking care of her like she is their own, which, as a working parent, makes my heart swell. She is my most precious gift, and I have to know that I am leaving her with people who are going to care for her the way I would. When I bring her to AsheBridge in Fuquay each day, I know she is cared for and loved. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to Mrs. Rachael, all the teachers, and the staff there. Thank you to the owners for creating an amazing place for a child grow and learn, to play and have fun, and to be safe and loved. I couldn't ask for more. If you are a family out there looking for a safe place for your child to thrive, again I say, AsheBridge in Fuquay is that place.

Hannah Stover

I have been a parent off and on since April 2014 when my oldest daughter transition into the 3 year old class. She loved going to Ashebridge and I cried when she graduated, (8 months pregnant with my second one would do that). I am a teacher and I know how important it is for kids to get ready for elementary school, my daughter Ava was well beyond where she needed to be especially in reading and writing.

Flash forward to 2016 when my 1 year old entered Ashebridge. Chris was still the director, but within a month of starting Jamie switched over to become the new director since the Apex location would need Chris.

Now for the hard part change, change is hard for everyone (parents, teachers, and children) and me. When I read reviews of disgruntle teachers or parents, I think it really has to do with change. It is inevitable that if you have a change in a director or teacher people may leave. This does not mean a school is bad. Trust me I had a hard time and even thought of jumping ship too.

But, I became open minded and talked with Jamie about my concerns and she answered my questions. Although, last year we went through many changes in teachers I know for a fact that these ladies love my Leia to pieces.

If you want love, and low ratios for your child come here. Thank you Alysia for helping Leia love school. Kaitlin thank you for loving on my little one on Danielle's day off. Felicia you have made the transition from 1 to 2 easier for Leia. Finally, Danielle you have been a breath of fresh air this year. I appreciate all the updates on what you are doing with the kids.

Ashebridge in Fuquay is a great place!

Delesta Drumgoole

My daughter started at Ashebridge last March once I returned to work full time. She had been home with me full time so this was her first daycare/preschool experience. Touring and viewing the schools in the area was a long process but I was immediately comforted and felt at "home" when we toured Ashebridge. Christine (owner) is always pleasant and her interactions with her staff show that she truly cares for their wellbeing and interests. The teachers are always smiling and welcoming and I enjoyed observing them interact and comfort my daughter from day one. Her very first teachers Ms. Jamie and Ms. Ashley still greet my daughter and make her feel special even though she moved up to the next age group. Her current teachers are just as nice and caring that we honestly can't complain! As a therapist I'm always observant of the unspoken, the small interactions that may seem oblivious to others speak loudly to me. In over a year I have only seen happiness and caring from all of the staff-even those whose classes we have not attended (like the baby classroom). My daughter will be entering her last year at Ashebridge this fall as she prepares for kindergarten in 2017. We are confident that she will be prepared for the transition into kindergarten. Thank you so much Ashebridge!